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Green Umbrella provides continuing education options for professionals at all stages of architectural concrete. 

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Clear and defined instruction to cut labor, cut downtime, and cut environmental impact.  Understand the benefits, use and maintenance of Green Umbrella Concrete Systems.

Basics of GHP Polished Concrete – Sustainable Floors

The Basics of Ground, Honed & Polished Concrete – Sustainable Floors.  Course is an introduction to the different processes and systems used to create a green and sustainable polished concrete floor. The discussion will also address moisture issues, long term maintenance, LEED and sustainability. Learn how to specify flooring and finishing optons, undrstand the benefits of polished concrete flooring and describe its versatile, economical and sustainable benefits. 

  • Cut Labor
  • Cut Downtime
  • Cut Environmental Impact
  • Safety
  • Wet Polish
  • Treatments
  • Equipement
  • Tooling
  • Trouble Shooting
  • Maintenance

Wednesday, December 11th 2019 | 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm EST

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Valid for State License

Course Description

This presentation addresses the need to implement advancing technology and methods to produce polished concrete coupling a mechanical process with concrete treatments.  

From the introduction of ‘modern densifiers’ in the early 1900’s to the advent of dry abrasive profiling and polishing, the last 100 years have seen advancements in the way we treat the final concrete surface.  

What was proven to have been counter-productive?  

What technology and approach will yield the most consistent results and longest lasting architectural concrete flooring ?

At the conclusion of this presentation you will have a general understanding of what polished concrete is and is not, how it is achieved mechanically, color enhanced and protected by treatments; and finally why specify polished concrete – it is versatile, economical and sustainable.

The Presenters: Mark Hurshman & Jason Barnes 

Jason Barnes

Chief Consultant – Co Founder

Mark Hurshman

Field Consultant – Co Founder

Mr. Barnes is a product developer and consultant within the concrete flooring industry. He is the author of the GP9, Nine Elements of Green Polishing, that has became a practice adopted by the industry.

He is has developed theconcrete9 white papers, isolating key elements in designing and implementing concrete floors. An advocate of a system approach to concrete polishing. Jason is well versed in densifiers, colorants and shrinkage compensating concrete.

Mr. Barnes is a trained public speaker and a continuing education provider for design professionals. His expertise has brought over 20 products to market, most primarily focused on a “green” (sustainable, economical & versatile) approach to the concrete industry.

He has enjoyed success in discerning the underlying problems and presenting solutions encountered by design professional & owners on projects nationwide wherein they have experienced “floor failure”. Mr. Barnes serves on several committees with the American Concrete Institute.

Mr. Hurshman has an extensive background in the polishing concrete industry. His projects have spanned from residential, commercial and educational.

His projects have been featured on the Discovery Channel, and USA Today. He was project manger on the first Pre-K through 12, Platinum-LEED Certified school in the United States (2007), Greensburg, KS. Mr. Hurshman understands the contractors side to our specifications, focusing on the implementation of GPnine principles in the work place. Years of experience, consulting for contractors, architects, and owners.

Mark’s strength lies in the experience in understanding the problems faced by GHP(Grind Hone and Polishing) contractors on projects today.

Unlike most manufacture representatives, he has millions of square feet of on-site experience. Marks consulting can be invaluable for the contractor who is called upon to fixed what might be thought as a failed project. He is eager to help you on your next project.

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