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Even though ACI stands for the American Concrete Institute, the ACI Excellence in Concrete Construction Awards celebrate innovation and excellence throughout the global concrete design and construction community.  ACI Excellence recognizes and awards concrete projects that are at the forefront of innovation and technology, providing a showcase to inspire designers and contractors worldwide. 

In 2019 Green Umbrella was proud to be the Treatment System behind the award given to Shawn Bullock of Absolute Concrete Flooring based in Aurora, Colorado.  His project: Metro State University of Denver – Aerospace and Engineering Building was awarded 2nd prize in the Decorative Concrete Catagory, behind only the Qatar National Library. 

The project featured 10 different mix proportions including 1 that could not be placed using standard pumping methods.  The high end polishing mix utilized 1/2 inch (13mm) chip black aggregate which would be profiled, honed and polished to a finish look that simulates terrazzo. 

Shawn and his crew used Green Umbrella GreenGrinders outfitted with abrasive tooling cutting wet to create the terrazzo profile.  Concrete placed in the Rocky Mountains needs protection and Shawn chose to implement Green Umbrella Max Defense – Dry Shield, Shield & Enhance and MicroFilm to produce this high quality, award winning floor.

Green Umbrella’s Metro State University Of Denver Project

Metro State University of Denver – Aerospace and Engineering Building – Colorado, United States.

Ten different mixture proportions were used for this project, including a polished concrete mixture that could not be placed by pumping.

The high-end polished mixture consisted of a 1/2 in. (13 mm) chip black aggregate with 62% coarse aggregate that had to be ground down 1/4 in. (6 mm) deep to simulate terrazzo stone.

The mixture was placed by buggy, which also ensured that the surface was finished slowly and consistently so the floor flatness remained high and the aggregate was not pushed down due to overfinishing.

Owner: Metro State University of Denver;

Architectural Firm: Anderson Mason Dale Architects;

Engineering Firm: KL&A Structural Engineers, Inc.;

Concrete Contractor: GH Phipps Construction Companies;

Concrete Supplier: Ready Mixed Concrete.

Green Umbrella Concrete Products: 

  • GreenCut (during floor profiling)
  • Dry Shield (harden/densify)
  • Shield & Enhance (densify/chloride screen)
  • MicroFilm (protect)

Green Umbrella Craftsman & Design:

Absolute Concrete Flooring

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