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Architectural Concrete

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Green Umbrella® Canvas Control™ is the ultimate system for concrete that will have the highest durability, lowest overall maintenance, and the best visual appeal. Canvas Control is the best way to ensure architectural concrete is successful on all fronts. Canvas Control employs products such as GreenCanvas™ (ACI-223) shrinkage compensating component teamed with FiberLite™ (or another Green Umbrella recommended fiber) to reduce and eliminate curling, cracking, and the need for control joints and joint filler. With the GreenIce Cure™ system, you add day-of-placement cure benefits. Introduce one of our polished concrete systems and you gain the benefits of products such as: GreenCut® (liquid cutting agent), DryShield™ (filling the voids), Shield & Enhance™ (chloride screen/color enhancer), and Interior MicroFilm™ (sub-topical protection/gloss). Canvas Control is our most complete system for architectural concrete.

Green Umbrella® Canvas Control & Profile™ is a system for interior applications. Installed @EarlyAge™ using components that cure, color, eliminate control joints and concrete shrinkage, and reduce curl. Benefits include eliminating joint cutting, filling, and maintenance while producing a high-performance, optional integral color with 2 1/2 times the lifecycle of conventional concrete and exhibition-worthy, abrasively processed architectural concrete that can perform like no other. The number of products is reduced to six from traditional concrete placement methods that take twice the amount of products. Start with GreenCanvas™—a component for shrinkage compensating concrete that eliminates joint cutting, filling, and Lifecycle™ maintenance.

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Cure & Profile CutSheet
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Green Umbrella® GreenIce Cure™ system is the best way to cure concrete during placement. A two-part system utilizing IceStart™ cure in multiple applications and IceStop™ fixative in a single application, GreenIce turns any power trowel into the ultimate tool for creating surface consolidation and refinement. By introducing IceStart into the mud during screeding or bull floating, we are creating a surface that is not simply topical but is controlled and penetrates 27mm or more. Applying IceStart during panning and combi-blade finishing aids the power trowel operator during finishing for a surface that has better FF and FL numbers.
The GreenIce Cure system brings hardness, density, chemical resistance, and abrasion resistance. It retains the maximum amount of moisture within the concrete during curing for the best overall product.

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Green Umbrella® GreenIce Cure & Cap™ couples the best day-of-placement cure with the added benefit of enhanced gloss and contaminant protection using IceCap™ concrete sealer. Start with the two-part integrally troweled cure IceStart™ cure in multiple applications and finish with IceStop™ fixative in a single application. The GreenIce Cure™ system turns any power trowel into the ultimate tool for creating surface consolidation and refinement. The GreenIce Cure system brings hardness, density, chemical resistance, and abrasion resistance. It retains the maximum amount of moisture within the concrete during curing for the best overall product. IceCap concrete sealer is a subtopical sealer used to preserve the architectural concrete finish by preventing deterioration or contaminant penetration. In addition to protection, it gives added gloss to the refined concrete surface for improved reflectivity and aesthetic appeal.

Green Umbrella® GreenIce Cure & Profile™ couples the best day-of-placement cure with the added benefit of concrete polishing using Green Umbrella treatments. The GreenIce Cure™ system turns any power trowel into the ultimate tool for creating surface consolidation and refinement. The GreenIce Cure system brings hardness, density, chemical resistance, and abrasion resistance. It retains the maximum amount of moisture within the concrete during curing for the best overall product. This will protect your concrete during construction if you choose to schedule the polished concrete for a later date. Profile, hone, and polish the GreenIce cured concrete using Green Umbrella GreenCut® and a mechanical, wet abrasive process. This refinement adds clarity, gloss, and endless options of aggregate reveal, leaving the ultimate in architectural concrete.

@EarlyAge Concrete 

GreenIce Cure

The GreenIce Cure™ system is a two-part patent-protected concrete curing solution designed for reduced cure times, increased abrasion resistance, and the addition of a high gloss finish that looks like ice!

GreenIce Cure & Cap

GreenIce Cure & Cap™ brings together the best of durability and beauty. After the floor has been treated with IceStart™ and IceStop™, IceCap™ concrete sealer may be applied to achieve the same brilliance as a traditional profiled, honed, and polished floor. In addition to the unparalleled high-gloss finish, IceCap adds additional UV protection and abrasion resistance to the floor with exceptional SCOF readings.

GreenIce Cure & Polish

GreenIce Cure & Polish™ provides a cure and finish for concrete that stops moisture-related deterioration issues. Concrete failure due to salt, chemical penetration, moisture penetration, and freeze-thaw cycles causes most of the concrete deterioration in the country. The GreenIce Cure & Polish system presents the ultimate architectural concrete floor, providing maximum chemical repellency and contaminant resistance and unparalleled gloss, clarity, and reflectivity sooner than any other finished architectural concrete floor in the industry.

Green Umbrella Canvas Control

Green Umbrella® Canvas Control™ provides a complete system for architectural concrete that reduces and eliminates cracking, curling, and other issues commonly connected to concrete cure and placement. Implementing Canvas Control is a joint effort involving the batch plant, the place and finish contractor, and the profile, hone, and polish contractor with treatments and systems to cut labor, cut downtime, and cut environmental impact.

Canvas Control solves moisture issues, failure due to salt, chemical penetration, and contamination and produces concrete that generates a worthwhile ROI for every construction project.


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Construction is complicated, and so is concrete. Let us help you by making the complex simple. Consult with our team on any facet during any construction phase, from introducing fiber to color to shrinkage compensating components into the mix to integrally troweled cures. We love concrete, and we are happy to help.

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Why Specify a System?

Successful teams are cohesive, unified, play well together, overcome adversity, and present a consistent product every time.

Green Umbrella’s treatment systems do just that—produce consistent results using a family of treatments that have many features and benefits, such as being pH neutral, 100% reactive, and low or zero VOC.


Green Umbrella Certified

Why Use Certified Contractors?

To meet the need of finding contractors who can be relied upon to consistently meet specifications, Green Umbrella has been instructing and training contractors in the Green Umbrella mechanical process and treatment applications that create an architectural concrete floor.

When contractors successfully complete our comprehensive training program, we can confidently refer them to you.

Green Umbrella Certification Levels

Green Umbrella has three different levels of certification offered to meet your needs. The Green Umbrella Applicator, the Green Umbrella Craftsman, and the Green Umbrella Master Craftsman are trained at different levels and certified to use our concrete treatments for an earth-friendly concrete floor. Finally, we offer Green Umbrella Approved Producers.

Integrally Troweled Cure System

Integrally Troweled Cure

Revolutionizing the day of placement concrete curing by introducing a two-part system that will penetrate not only the surface but also into the subsurface (27mm) to create an impermeable surface with features and benefits that include ASTM E96 moisture repellency, densification, and hardened and dust-proof concrete. GreenIce Cure™ is versatile. You can choose options that bring benefits such as day-of-placement cure and seal to reveal aggregate, gloss, clarity, and chemical resistance.

ITCP SpecITCP + Polish Spec
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IceStart Cure

Green Umbrella® IceStart™ is a unique curing agent used to ensure an adequately cured floor and is the first of a two-part GreenIce Cure™ system. Uses a treatment and trowel process to achieve high-performance floors. IceStart reduces subsurface lateral micro-cracks, mud and shrinkage cracks, and cat faces. Formulated to ease finishing by reducing drag on concrete. IceStart provides increased finish ability in hot weather without extending the set time in cold weather. IceStart minimizes false sets. Used on dry shake, it will finish as if conventional concrete. Control joints will have a sharper cut that will be shallower. From the ‘start’, you will have the treatment for a high-performance architectural concrete floor.

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IceStop Fixative

Green Umbrella® IceStop™ is applied on the surface as the second part of the Greenlce Cure™ system. Working as a fixative, IceStop is sprayed on concrete once power trowels are finished. It creates a protected slab while curing, extending protection during construction. With specially designed properties, this treatment will densify and add abrasion resistance while repelling water. lceStop increases the strength and longevity of any concrete surface, whether covered or exposed, in an architectural concrete setting. Gloss readings average in the 40s. Start with a high-performance floor and ‘stop’ the damage @EarlyAge™.

Green Umbrella Applicator Certification
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IceCap Concrete Sealer

Green Umbrella® IceCap™ is a durable subsurface nano-finish for exposed architectural concrete floors. Protect @EarlyAge™ concrete placed with IceStart™ and IceStop™ with a penetrating, subtopical, reactive, non-resinous polymer soon after placement— preserving, protecting, and enhancing the finished surface. As the third and final piece of the GreenIce Cure & Cap™ system, concrete is sealed with a breathable, dense, and maintainable layer of protection that will not whiten, chip, flake, or peel. An impregnating component providing resistance to harmful contaminants, IceCap doubles as both a stain-guard and a wear-guard via industry-leading technology and performance. IceCap enhances architectural gloss while extending the concrete floor’s lifecycle, maintenance, and sustainability, promoting reflectivity, clarity, and cleanliness.

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